Updated 6/9/2023

The Legislature convened for thirtieth legislative day of the Regular Session this week and then adjourned sine die.

The Legislature did not pass any RSA-related bills on the final day of the session. Only one RSA bill is left pending the Governor’s signature – SB 129, by Sen. Singleton, which provides FLC benefits to APOST certified commissioner and deputy commissioners of the Department of Corrections. The Governor has signed all other legislation impacting RSA passed by the Legislature this session.

Bill Chart

House Bills

Bill/Sponsor Companion Summary Status
HB41/Reynolds SB61/Givhan

Temporarily loosens the return to work restrictions for RSA retirees by removing the part-time or temporary requirement and increasing the compensation cap to $52,000. Requires that a retiree have a 90-day break in service. Changes expire in five years and current restrictions are reinstated. As amended would only apply to retirees who return to work as correctional officers and school resource officers.


Enacted. Act 2023-334.
HB66/Lovvorn SB69/Jones Reopens the provision allowing FLC members to purchase hazardous duty time for prior uncredited FLC service. Enacted. Act 2023-101.
HB93/Clouse n/a Proposes a constitutional amendment to allow mayors in Dale County to participate in ERS. Enacted. Act 2023-32.
HB119/Mooney n/a Proposes a constitutional amendment to allow county commissioners in Shelby County to participate in ERS Enacted. Act 2023-31.
HB124/Reynolds SB82/Albritton General Fund budget; fully funds ERS. Enacted. Act 2023-382.
HB233/Almond n/a Authorizing the City of Tuscaloosa to elect for its fire and police retirement plan to join ERS. Enacted. Act 2023-148.


Senate Bills

Bill/Sponsor Companion Summary Status
SB68/Chambliss n/a Provides State Police retirement benefits to all employees of ALEA who perform law enforcement duties and modifies State Police Tier II benefits to allow 25-year retirement and to provide hazardous duty time. Enacted. Act 2023-73.
SB87/Orr HB174/Garrett Makes supplemental ETF appropriations, including $59M to reimburse PEEHIP for its COVID expenses. Enacted. Act 2023-378.
SB88/Orr HB169/Garrett Education Trust Fund budget; fully funds TRS and PEEHIP. Enacted. Act 2023-379.
SB92/Carnley HB176/Ingram Extends the deadline for local units to elect to provide the retiree bonus as provided for by Act 2022-229. Enacted. Act 2023-107.
SB129/Singleton n/a Provides FLC benefits for the Commissioner and deputy commissioners of DOC who maintain APOST certification. Enacted. Act 2023-533.
SB295/Chesteen n/a Proposes a constitutional amendment to allow mayors in Geneva County to participate in ERS. Enacted. Act 2023-236.

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Neah Mitchell Scott,
Legislative Counsel
Twitter: @neahmitchell

Neah Mitchell Scott,
Legislative Counsel
Twitter: @neahmitchell

Neah Mitchell Scott has served as Legislative Counsel for the Retirement Systems of Alabama (RSA) since September 2013. Before joining the RSA, Neah practiced civil litigation and healthcare law as an associate with Balch & Bingham LLP. Neah obtained a Juris Doctorate from the University of Alabama in 2008 and a B.A. in History from Auburn University in 2004.