The primary source of funding for PEEHIP comes from the Legislature’s annual appropriation. For fiscal year 2019, PEEHIP's funding employer contribution is $800 per active employee.

This amount is used to fund claim costs for active employees, retirees, and all covered dependents.

The health insurance premiums set by the PEEHIP Board are another source of funding for the insurance program. The following monthly premiums are effective October 1, 2019 - September 30, 2020. These rates do not include the $50 monthly tobacco premium per member and/or spouse.

Premium Rates 2019-2020

For the charts below, ME refers to Medicare-Eligible while NME refers to Non-Medicare-Eligible.

Premium Rates 2019-2020

PEEHIP Hospital Medical Plan & VIVA Health Plan (Base Rate)

* Spouses dually eligible for PEEHIP enrolled in family coverage qualify for this premium tier.

PEEHIP Supplemental Medical Plan

Optional Coverage Plan
Optional Coverage Plan

Retired Members who retired prior to 10/1/2005

*Refer to the PEEHIP Member Handbook for more information regarding retired member premiums.

Surviving Dependent