The TRS asks that all TRS Retirees notify us of any change of address, name change, or a change in beneficiary designation. And, the TRS strongly encourages you to use Direct Deposit for your retirement checks. If you are currently using Direct Deposit and would like to change your address, you may do it online through Member Online Services.

Postretirement Employment

If you plan to return to work with an employer that is a member of the RSA, there are earnings limitations that will affect your retirement benefit.

Tax Information

Other Retiree Information

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change the banking information for the direct deposit of my retirement benefit?

You must complete a new Direct Deposit Authorization that includes a certification from your bank. Completed forms must be received BEFORE the 13th of the month in order for the current months benefit to be directed to the new account! 

How do I change the federal tax that is withheld from my retirement check?

There are two ways to change your federal tax withholding. You can EITHER:

Will State Tax be withheld from my retirement check?

No. If the retiree lives in Alabama, there is no state tax on the benefit. However, if they live in another state, be aware that most other states will charge state tax on the Alabama pension. Retirees should contact that state’s revenue department to find out the tax obligations to that state. RSA is unable to withhold any state tax from a retirement check.

How often do retirees get Cost of Living Adjustments (COLAs)?

It depends upon the legislature. It requires enactment of a piece of legislation.

When will the annual tax statements be mailed?

The 1099-Rs are mailed by the end of January each year.

When will I receive my retirement check?

The retirement checks are deposited on the last business day of each month for members who have direct deposit. Paper checks are mailed to the retiree’s on the last business day of the month. The delivery date will depend on the postal service.

How much can a retiree make if they work for an RSA agency?

$37,000 per year in 2023 and $38,000 per year in 2024. The work must be PART-TIME.

I am the beneficiary of a deceased retired member. How do I get the benefits from his/her account?

If the member was already retired, the beneficiary should notify TRS and the appropriate paperwork will be mailed.