Current Year Wellness Screening and Health Coaching Requirement Waived Due to COVID-19

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PEEHIP has partnered with Sharecare and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama to help you live a healthier lifestyle, through various well-being tools and trackers. This brand new wellness experience can help you keep your mind and body strong. You can also track your required activities and completion statuses toward earning your $50 monthly wellness premium waiver with the new Choose Well, Live Well wellness program.

This confidential and secure health and wellness benefit provides free services for members and their covered spouses to help them live happier, healthier, and more satisfying lives.

Healthier members typically get sick less often and visit the doctor less frequently. This leads to lower healthcare costs for our members and the plan while providing an invaluable benefit to members. 

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For more detailed information, please see the most current member handbook on our Publications page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Wellness Premium Waiver?

A Wellness Premium Waiver of $50 a month can be earned by eligible PEEHIP members by completing certain required wellness activities by August 31 of each year.

Who is required to participate in the wellness program?

The following members enrolled in the PEEHIP Hospital Medical Plan Group #14000 administered by Blue Cross Blue Shield are required to complete the applicable wellness activities by August 31 of each year in order to earn a waiver of the $50 monthly wellness premium:

  • Members currently employed by a PEEHIP participating system and their covered spouse, regardless of Medicare eligibility
  • A retired employee who is not Medicare-eligible
  • A non-Medicare-eligible spouse covered on a retiree contract
  • Members on COBRA, Leave of Absence, and surviving spouses who are non-Medicare-eligible

Who is NOT required to participate in the wellness program?

The following members are NOT required to participate:

  • Children
  • Any member who is not covered by the PEEHIP Blue Cross Blue Shield Group 14000 Plan
  • Medicare-eligible retirees and Medicare-eligible covered spouses of retirees

What are the required wellness activities?

If you are required to participate, you must complete a wellness screening, which is the minimum wellness activity required, by August 31 each year.

Participation in Health Coaching is required only if you and/or your covered spouse is identified as a candidate and receive an invitation letter from Sharecare in October.

Visit peehip.sharecare.com and click the “My Required Activities” link on the Welcome Card at the top of your home page timeline to see your specific required activities.

How do I track the completion status of my required wellness activities?

10,000 points are required each year by August 31 to earn your $50 monthly wellness premium waiver. Once you reach 10,000 points, you will be 100% complete. 

Your percentage of completion is available on your Rewards web page and shows the percentage of completion of all your required activities. Once you have completed all required wellness activities, your percentage will show 100% complete and you will have earned 10,000 points. All of your required activities are shown on your Rewards web page that can be found by clicking “My Required Activities” on your Welcome Card at the top of your home page timeline. If you would like additional confirmation of your wellness premium waiver status, you can view your status on the PEEHIP Member Online Services web page.

What services are offered as part of the wellness program?

PEEHIP's Choose Well, Live Well wellness program offers the following free services for its members and covered spouses:

  • The Sharecare mobile app and website with personalized health improvement content for each member.
  • The Sharecare RealAge Test
  • Wellness Screenings by ADPH nurses
  • Healthcare Provider Screenings by your primary care physician
  • Video-based coaching from Naturally Slim
  • Personal Health Advisors from Pack Health
  • Disease Management coaching from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama
  • Gap in care alerts to be discussed with your healthcare provider