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The Retirement Systems of AlabamaWe are the safe keepers of pensions for thousands of Alabamians and we take our jobs seriously. It is our goal to seek and secure the best investments and services for our membership, and to ensure that we do everything possible to help our members prepare for and enjoy a successful retirement.

RSA News

  • August, 2022

    RSA Members Receiving Scam Calls

    8/29/2022 RSA has learned that some RSA members have been contacted by telephone and asked to provide personal information with the promise of an additional bonus or some other benefit. THIS IS A SCAM. RSA, PEEHIP, and their Board members will NEVER call, text, or email you and ask for your Social Security number, PID, birthday, checking account information, or credit card numbers. Click the title above to read the complete article.

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    August, 2022

    Beware of Scam Calls!

    Never respond to unsolicited emails, text messages, or phone calls requesting personal information to verify your retirement account, retiree bonus, or reactivate an online account. The RSA does not contact members via email or phone to verify or request security information. The RSA will not contact you to sign up for an additional bonus. Be safe with your private information.

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    August, 2022

    55 Water: A big part of Alabama overlooking NYC

    55 Water (owned by the RSA), a huge office building overlooking the river, made national news when Landmarks of New York posted a walking tour video of the building on TikTok.

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    August, 2022

    What’s Working with Cam Marston

    A weekly radio show, “What’s Working with Cam Marston,” sponsored by The University of Alabama, Culverhouse College of Business, interviews the CEO of RSA.

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    May, 2022

    FTC Scam Alerts

    The FTC shares information on avoiding and reporting scams.

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    April, 2022

    Notice regarding Withdrawal of Retirement

    If you have submitted your application for retirement and have decided to cancel your retirement, you must submit a signed cancellation request (Retirement Cancellation Agreement) to TRS or ERS prior to your retirement date. The request must be received before your retirement date to be effective. This signed request can be submitted through MOS or by mail.

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    February, 2022

    2021 RSA ACFR

    Annual Comprehensive Financial Report For the Fiscal Year Ended September 30, 2021

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