Fund Options

The following charts show the market value of each item as of the end of each fiscal year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes up the fixed income portfolio?

The fixed income portfolio is invested in various debt instruments greater than one year. Examples include corporate bonds, U.S. agency obligations, government national mortgage association securities, and commercial paper.

What makes up the equity portfolio?

The equity portfolio is invested in an S&P 500 Index Fund, which consists of 500 large capitalization stocks.

What makes up the short-term investment portfolio?

The short-term investment portfolio is also known as STIF. Keep in mind that STIF investments encounter less market risk than fixed income and equity because of their short duration and usually provide a lower rate of return than investments in those categories. Examples could include high-quality money market securities, U.S. Treasury bills or notes, and U.S. governmental agency notes with a maturity of one year or less.

Are my investments insured or guaranteed by the FDIC?

No, the fixed income, equity, and STIF portfolios are not insured or guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) or any other government agency.

Which investment option should I choose?

When choosing between the investment options, you should strive for an optimal blend of risk and reward - based on your age, years until retirement, and tolerance for risk. With that said, the RSA-1 staff cannot advise you regarding which particular option to choose.

Which investment option is guaranteed to make me the most money?

RSA-1 cannot guarantee you will make money with a particular investment option as your earnings are based on market conditions.