PEEHIP Calculator

To use the program, you will be required to log into Member Online Services (MOS). The calculator will gather information from your account and provide a more accurate estimate during the calculation process and limit the information you will need to provide.

If you do not have a MOS account, you will be able to create one at the login page.

The PEEHIP Retiree Premium Calculator is intended to allow you to generate an estimate of your health insurance premiums after your retirement. It does not replace the actual calculation of your premium when you retire. We hope that you will find this estimate program helpful in your retirement planning decisions.

No estimate produced by this calculator shall be in any way binding upon the RSA or the Public Education Employees' Health Insurance Board, which have sole authority under law to determine your retirement benefits and premium costs.

By continuing, you signify that you have read and understand the information above and are ready to continue with a calculation.

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