RSA Job Postings

The Retirement Systems of Alabama has over 340 employees and often recruits people for a variety of positions. Whether through certifications or direct appointments, these classifications adhere to the State Personnel regulations.

Listed below are the classifications the RSA has on file for merit positions. Each of the classifications can be found at Any applicant can fill out the application online for any of the jobs under the ‘Certifications through State Personnel’, but for the ‘Direct Appointments,’ applications should come directly to the Retirement Systems of Alabama by email at or hand-delivered to 201 South Union Street, Montgomery, AL 36104.

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Certifications through State Personnel

*Positions with an asterisk are those that RSA hires on a regular basis

Administrative Support Assistant I (10196)*
Administrative Support Assistant II (10197)
Administrative Support Assistant III (10198)
Account Clerk (10601)*
Accounting Technician (10605)*
Accountant (10611)*
Staff Accountant (10612)
Senior Accountant (10613)
Health Insurance Assistant (11949)
Health Insurance Specialist (11948)
Retirement Counselor (10875)
Stock Clerk (10911)
Maintenance Repairer (90501)*
Plant Maintenance Worker (90503)*
Plant Maintenance Supervisor I (90597)
Plant Maintenance Supervisor II (90598)
Retired State Employee (11903-003)*
Direct Appointments

*Positions with an asterisk are those that RSA hires on a regular basis

Laborer (90101)*
Utility Laborer (90103)
Grounds Worker (90140)*
Clerk (10121)
Clerical Aide (10103)*
State Intern (11917)
Employees Pictured Top (L to R): Petrice Robinson, Accounting, Katelen Allen, Office Services, and Matt Ward, Accounting
Employees Pictured Bottom (L to R): Courtney Fenn and Kathy Woddail, both RSA-1