Frequently Asked Questions

I was trying to reach a specific department (PEEHIP, TRS, ERS, or RSA-1), how did I get Member Services?

Member Services is the first line of contact for our membership and other related parties. The primary purpose of Member Services is to receive, assess, and answer general inquires via telephone, email, and online questions related to ALL RSA PLANS. The Contact Center Agents are trained to address many of your concerns or requests, but are prepared to quickly connect you to our departmental staff when you have more detailed questions or concerns.

Can I fax or email a document or form to you at the RSA?

There are some forms and documents that various departments will accept via fax or email. You may contact Member Services to confirm the acceptability of a document via fax or email. Due to HIPAA concerns, the PEEHIP department will not accept forms or supporting documentation via fax or email.

You may mail forms or documents or upload them through the Member Online Services (MOS) portal. In fact, uploading documents via MOS is much more secure and can even reduce processing time in all our divisions. Once you log into MOS, you should navigate to the Correspondence Section on the main page.

How long does it take you to respond to a question submitted through Member Online Services (MOS)?

We generally answer MOS questions within 2 business days depending on the complexity of the inquiry.

How do I get a discount at the hotels that RSA owns?

You can find the available dates on the Member Discount page and in the Advisor.