RSA Counseling Center

We welcome you to visit us at RSA Headquarters in Montgomery for Individual Counseling Appointments at our RSA Counseling Center. Here you’ll meet with counselors from ERS, and RSA-1 to discuss your individual plan and options for managing your retirement savings and insurance plan.

Topics covered could include:

  • ERS Retirement Benefits
  • Health Insurance 
  • RSA-1 Deferred Compensation Plan

Advantages of Individual Counseling Appointments at the RSA Counseling Center:

  • Meet with a counselor at the scheduled time without waiting.
  • Free Member Services parking available at the RSA Headquarters Parking Facility.
  • You may request a specific counselor.
  • Counselors will already have your individual account paperwork prepared prior to your arrival.
  • Walk-ins, or those without a scheduled appointment, may have to wait to meet with a counselor. And the counselor will have to prepare the member’s paperwork while they wait.

How to make an appointment:

  • Phone the RSA Contact Center at the 877.517.0020 where you will be directed to a Member Services Representative who will schedule your appointment.
  • Be prepared to provide the Member Services Representative information about yourself including your Social Security number and sick leave days in order for the counselor to prepare the documents needed for the appointment.
  • Appointments are for 30 minutes with one counselor.
  • If you need an appointment with more than one counselor, such as RSA-1, appointments will be from 45 minutes to one hour.
  • If possible, please complete your forms and bring them with you to the appointment. Forms may be downloaded from our web site. When you are scheduling your appointment, you may also ask Member Services to send you the necessary forms. All forms will also be available in the Member Services waiting area.