Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

TRS, ERS, and PEEHIP Members:

Due to the current conditions related to COVID-19, the RSA is assisting in-person visitors on a limited basis with safety measures in place to protect the health of members and RSA staff. Please call RSA staff for instructions at 334.517.7419 if you want to set up an appointment or plan to come to the RSA headquarters. If you visit the RSA offices, the RSA requests that you wear a mask.

Please note: RSA staff will come to your vehicle to accept forms and PEEHIP payments.

If you have retirement or PEEHIP questions or issues, the RSA is fully staffed and able to answer your telephone calls and emails without undue delay.

The RSA Contact Center has remained operational throughout the recent events. However, there is a lengthy opening message on our telephone system detailing the many ways you can reach us. Please listen to the entire message and be ready to make note of alternative ways to reach us. If you have a time-sensitive question, remain on the line at the end of the message for an agent to assist you.

If you have any questions, please review our website for access to forms and information that may answer your questions. You may also log into your Member Online Account at to view all account-related specifics and recent correspondence associated with your retirement or PEEHIP Insurance account.  If these valuable resources do not provide the information you need, you may submit your question via email to or through the MOS online system. Please provide a telephone number in your submission in case we need to contact you immediately. 

PEEHIP Members: 

PEEHIP, BCBS, VIVA Health, and Humana have announced a series of steps aimed at protecting our members and reducing the spread of the coronavirus disease, or COVID-19. View expanded benefits here:

Blue Cross Blue Shield Benefits
VIVA Health Benefits
Humana Benefits


Please contact ESS at or submit inquiries through the ESS portal Question Center.  

Keeping Your Data Safe:

During this uncertain time, please be vigilant of your personal information. The RSA makes every effort to protect online information according to established RSA security practices, industry best practices, Healthcare Privacy Laws (HIPAA) and Alabama law. The information we collect for each retirement plan administered by the RSA is limited to what we believe is necessary to conduct business; to manage your records, accounts, and funds; to comply with laws and regulations; and to understand your retirement needs so that we can provide you with superior service.

When corresponding via e-mail or any other form of electronic messaging with the RSA, it is not necessary to provide us with sensitive information such as your “full” Social Security Number or Credit Card Number. Messages sent via the Internet may pass through private and public networks with varying levels of security. Some networks may have taken steps to secure message transmissions while others have not, thereby compromising the privacy and integrity of a message. A message intended only to be read by a member of the RSA staff could be viewed by an unauthorized party.

Solicitation of Personal Information:

An RSA member should never respond to an unsolicited e-mail, text message, or phone call requesting they provide personal information to verify information about their retirement account or to re-activate an online account. The RSA does not contact members via e-mail or phone to verify or request security information. If you receive such a fraudulent request, please do not respond; email us at

If you believe information about your retirement has been compromised, please contact us immediately at 800.517.0020 or 334.517.7000.