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Begin saving more money for later while saving taxes now with RSA-1. Any public official or employee of the state of Alabama or any political subdivision of the state is eligible to enroll, regardless of age or participation in the RSA. The RSA-1 Program is voluntary, and can help you plan for a secure financial future.

2019 Deferral Limits

2018 Deferral Limits

Read your RSA-1 Member Handbook for more information!

Enrolling is an easy three-step process!

  1. Complete the forms. To set up your account, you'll complete the RSA-1 Enrollment form, Beneficiary Designation form and Investment Option Election form.
  2. Determine how much of your earnings you want to defer each paycheck. There is no minimum to a Deferral Limit established by the IRS each year.
  3. Complete the Authorization to Defer Compensation form stating the amount you wish to defer, and submit it to your payroll office – not to RSA-1. Contributions can only be deferred through payroll deductions.

Investment Options and Deferrals

Distribution of your RSA-1 Funds

RSA-1 is not a savings account from which you make periodic withdrawals, but a retirement account that is available only after you have either retired or otherwise terminated employment. Contact Member Services with any distribution questions you may have.

Distribution at Separation of Service

There are Five Distribution Elections you can choose from.
Is there a Required Minimum Distribution I can take at separation of service?
What happens to my distribution in the case of death? Will my Beneficiary continue the same distributions?

Transfers and Rollovers

You can use your RSA-1 funds to Purchase Permissive ERS or TRS Service Credit.
You can also Transfer Other 457 Funds into or out of RSA-1.
Save on taxes by rolling your DROP Account into RSA-1 once you have retired.

Tax Information for your RSA-1 Account

What is my Tax Withholding on my distribution?
When are my Deferred Income and Investment Earnings taxed?

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