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Earn the Wellness Premium Waiver

Eligible PEEHIP members are charged a $50 monthly wellness premium if they choose not to participate or fail to complete their requirements by the deadline of August 31, each year.

If you miss this deadline, you will be charged the wellness premium beginning with the October coverage period. If you complete your wellness requirements after August 31, the wellness premium will be waived prospectively (not retroactively) beginning the first of the second month after the date of the last activity completed and will continue throughout the remainder of the plan year. 

Members can track their progress toward receiving the wellness premium waiver online at www.MyActiveHealth.com/PEEHIP by clicking the “My Required Activities” link or by logging into PEEHIP’s Member Online Services at https://mso.rsa-al.gov and clicking the “Wellness Completion Status” link.

This wellness premium applies to both eligible members and covered spouses, resulting in a potential combined $100 monthly additional premium. By completing the activities listed below by the specified deadline, members and covered spouses will earn a waiver of the monthly premium. Visit www.MyActiveHealth.com/PEEHIP and click the “My Required Activities” link to see your specific required activities.  To earn the wellness premium waiver:

  • Get a Wellness Screening between August 1, 2017 - August 31, 2018.
  • Participate in Health Coaching if you get an invitation letter from ActiveHealth dated October 2017. By August 31, 2018, you must complete at least 1 of these activities:
    • Complete at least 1 phone call with a coach or nurse at 855.294.6580.
      • Some PEEHIP members will be identified as candidates for a higher level of care than regular Health Coaching. These members will be required to complete at least 4 telephonic Health Coaching calls before August 31, 2018, in order to earn the wellness premium waiver. These members with a specific 4 coaching call requirement will be notified of their specific requirement by mail in October 2017, and their nurse will work with them to develop a call schedule that is most convenient and helpful to them.
    • Earn at least "100 heart beats" of Online Health Coaching at www.MyActiveHealth.com/PEEHIP
    • Attend at least 1 onsite Health Coaching session at your worksite.  These short sessions are available throughout the year, all over the state, and are led by an ActiveHealth wellness coach.  Contact your employer’s insurance and payroll coordinator to ask about arranging an onsite session in your area.

Policy for Newly Enrolled PEEHIP Members

All newly enrolled PEEHIP members and covered spouses have the same August 31 due date as the existing PEEHIP membership, unless their new effective date of coverage occurs between June 2 and September 30. If their effective date of coverage falls within this time period, then their due date to complete their required activities will be August 31 of the following year, rather than the year in which they enroll. This means that no PEEHIP member will ever have less than 3 months to complete their wellness program requirements.

Newly enrolled PEEHIP members have the same wellness screening requirement as existing PEEHIP members, and health coaching may also be applicable to them if they receive a health coaching invitation letter from ActiveHealth. ActiveHealth sends health coaching invitation letters once per year in October. The “My Required Activities” link at the www.MyActiveHealth.com/PEEHIP website also shows the specific activities required to earn the $50 monthly wellness premium waiver.

All PEEHIP members and covered spouses who have incomplete required activities will receive multiple letters indicating their required activities and specific deadlines prior to being charged the wellness premium.

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