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TRS/PEEHIP Board of Control

The Teachers’ Retirement System and Public Education Employees’ Health Insurance Plan Boards of Control are composed of 15 members who are elected or hold office ex officio. The members of the boards are the trustees of the retirement funds and are responsible for the management and administration of the retirement system.

  Board Members by Position Term Expires
Ex Officio - Dr. Ed Richardson, Interim Superintendent of Education  
Ex Officio - Hon. Young Boozer, State Treasurer  
Ex Officio - Hon. Clinton Carter, State Finance Director  
Superintendent Position & Chair - Mr. Luke Hallmark 6/30/2020
Teacher Position, No. 2 & Vice Chair - Mr. John R. Whaley 6/30/2019

Retired Position, No. 1 - Ms. Peggy Mobley

Retired Position, No. 2 - Mr. Joe Ward 6/30/2020
Principal Position - Mr. Richard "Dickie" Brown 6/30/2018
Postsecondary Position - Dr. Susan Williams Brown 6/30/2019
Higher Education Position, No. 1 - Dr. Joseph G. Van Matre 6/30/2019
Higher Education Position, No. 2 - Dr. Donald L. Large, Jr. 6/30/2018
Teacher Position, No. 1 - Dr. Cathy McNeal 6/30/2019
Teacher Position, No. 3 - Ms. Charlene McCoy 6/30/2018
Support Personnel Position, No. 1 - Mrs. Susan Lockridge 6/30/2019
Support Personnel Position, No. 2 - Mr. Russell Twilley 6/30/2018


Voting Information TRS Board Positions

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Four positions on the TRS/PEEHIP Board of Control are currently up for election: Teacher Position No. 3, Support Personnel Position No. 2, Principal Position, and Higher Education Position No. 2. These positions are currently held by Charlene McCoy, Russell Twilley, Dickie Brown, and Don Large, respectfully. Read all the candidates’ bios below. Because Charlene McCoy was the only candidate for Teacher Position No. 3, she will retain her position on the Board.

Members will receive ballots after October 16, 2017. To be counted, ballots must be returned to Election America by 4:00 p.m., November 21, 2017. Members will be able to vote by returning the prepaid postage mailer ballot or by voting online or by telephone. Instructions will be included with the ballot.

Elected members of the TRS/PEEHIP Board will only be elected by members from the same category of the retirement system. To be eligible to vote for the:

  • Principal Position, you must be an active member currently contributing to the TRS and hold the position of Principal.
  • Higher Education Position No. 2, you must be an active member currently contributing to the TRS and working in a public four-year institution of higher education or for the Commission on Higher Education.
  • Support Personnel Position No. 2, you must be an active member currently contributing to the TRS and working as a maid, custodian, bus driver, lunchroom worker, cafeteria worker, secretary, clerk, clerical assistant, maintenance worker, or other non-certificated employee working an average of 20-hours-a-week. All active members who are not otherwise eligible to vote for another position (in this or any other election) shall be eligible to vote for the Support Personnel Position.

By submitting your vote, you are confirming that you are eligible to vote for the position based upon your classification. If your classification is incorrect, please contact the Election Coordinator at 334.517.7192 or 877.517.0020.

Elected members will begin their three-year term of service on July 1, 2018.

Sample Ballots

Candidate Biographies

Candidate Statements

TRS Election Manual

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